Automatic Dehydrator with IP Remote Interface

Automatic Pressurization Dehydrator with IP Remote Interface

·         Reliable Pressurization of elliptical waveguide, coaxial cable and rigid transmission line systems

·         Alarm Notifications for Low Pressure, High Pressure, Humidity, and Run Time

·         Monitoring via Ethernet Web UI, SNMP, and Remote Samples






Max System Volume


123 ft3


Output Capacity @ 60 Hz


0.2 SCFM


Output Dew Point


Ambient dew point greater than 10°C (50°F): 50 (90) dew point reduction minimum

Ambient dew point less than 10°C (50°F): -40 (-40) dew point minimum


High Pressure Safety Relief Valve


15 psig


Output Fitting


Quick-Connect 3/8” OD Plastic Tube


Operating Voltage


Dehydrator 120 VAC, Controller 5 VDC


Maximum Continuous Operation Time, Active


4 Hours






Operating Voltage


Dehydrator 120 VAC, Controller 5 VDC





47 – 63 Hz



Max. Standby Current


0.5 A



Max. Active Current


3.0 A



Max. Active Power Consumption


320.0 W



Max. Apparent Power Consumption


380 VA



Power Factor Correction


0.8 typical



Electrical Feed Circuit Configuration


Single phase, 3-Conductor (Phase/Neutral/Ground)



Electrical Connector Type


Dehydrator IEC 320 Type C 14, Controller Micro USB 5 VDC








9.5” x 13.5” x 14”


Net Weight


28 lbs.





Ambient Temperature Range


0 to 40 °C (32 to 104 °F)


Ambient Humidity Range


5% – 85%, non-condensing




60 dBA


Max. Operational Altitude @ 5 psig


6500 ft.


Max. Operational Altitude @ 10 psig


5000 ft.


Capacity derating per 1000 ft altitude above MSL


0.024 CFM








Ethernet Web UI: Ethernet connected Web Interface accessible via local area network connected devices


SNMP: Alarm status available via SNMP (Low Pressure, High Pressure, Humidity, and Run Time)


History Logging: Active alarms stored by date and time of occurrence. CSV download available.


Low Pressure Operation: Software configurable from 1-2.5 psig in 0.5 psig increments


High Pressure Alarm: Software configurable from 3-11 psig in 1 psig increments


Humidity Alarm: Software configurable from 20-50% RH in 10% RH increments


Run Time Alarm: Software configurable from 10 minutes to 4 hours in 10 minute increments


System Purge: Software configurable from 2-10 days in 2 day increments












Designed to provide remote network and status monitoring of the Radio Frequency Systems Dehydrator Model/Options APD20 - D - 35XH0R00S0.



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